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Core Principles


  1. We do not undertake any research without a pre-published, openly accessible and regularly updated analysis plan.
  2. We always publish results, freely and make sure these are openly accessible regardless of what the results are.
  3. We follow a strict data collection, use and retention policy. We ensure data anonymity, standards of transmission and destruction.
  4. We believe in collaboration and will always strive to give credit where it is due, especially in partnerships.
  5. We will never change results, manipulate data or otherwise compromise data-quality for reasons of speed, budgets or will.
  6. We do NOT own proprietary methods of analysis, tools, software, templates, protocols or frameworks. All of our work product is publicly available and usable under a creative commons PUBLIC DOMAIN license.
  7. We look to use technology in all that we do!  Tech makes things easier, faster and cost-effective.
  8. We work hard, play fair and always ask for feedback and REALLY use the feedback we receive. We are always happy to "try again".
  9. We offer a public and comprehensive rationale for our pricing structure and we aim to over-deliver on commitments in terms of quality, budget and timelines. We do this by investing heavily on tools and training for our people of every level, because we care about our people.
  10. We are the only startup in the world that gives back to community right from the get-go with our Open Access Content, our Free to join Community of Practice and Social Responsibility Partnership.

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