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We are a full-service research firm covering a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research services for the development sector.


We also offer three bespoke services:

  1. Whether you're looking to assemble the perfect team for a bid, or you're trying to out source a task for a specific study or report, we can help you with our 'research captaining services'
  2. We offer membership to our unique "Community of Practice" (CoP) that allow you to practice the skills you learn with us, to continue to ask and learn from peers and other development practitioners
  3. We offer information mapping services that are vital to any piece of work/project, our team will work with yours to help you map out team skills and deliverable requirements with a focus on making processes, research questions and outputs easy to understand and accessible


Learn how development really works

Ever wonder how social development really works?


  1. Do you know if the programmes your non-profit runs are really impactful?
  2. What would be a cost-effective way of measuring impact that is robust at the same time?
  3. What method of social research would work best for your programme?  

  We offer a suite of services to help answer questions in international development. We have workshops, online training courses, tailored advisory and access to specialists too.

Meet others working on similar problems

We have integrity, rigour, precision and insight

We understand that 'development' is often a complicated endeavor. There are no manuals and very often no set rules or procedures. Yet, donors and funders, often expect transformation and development practitioners are often 'tempted' to provide it. It does not have to be difficult. Talk to us, we can show you how to be cost-effective, really impactful and get funded at the same time.  We can help you move from nebulosity to structure and effectiveness,  we have the tools. and we care about making sure you know how to use them and make them yours!

Did you know that you can calculate sample sizes easily, based on what matters i.e. the difference you intend to make?

Did you know that a baseline isn't necessary, if you do an RCT?


Did you know that photographs can be analyzed as a form of evidence too?


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Did you know that you can create QUALITATIVE  measures your donors can 'measure'?

Did you know that you can choose to not do a 'dipstick' survey and still reliably measure progress of your programme continuously and cost-effectively?



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