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The wonderful feeling that comes from knowing that you're helping the evidence community grow...

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A Community of the Like-Minded

HQ is a group of people who share a passion for development and evidence and who interact regularly to learn how to do it better.

Members of HQ value one another and learn from one another through joint activities and discussions.

We exist to provide a forum for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues and provide support for each other.

Most importantly, members develop an ample repertoire of resources via their shared experiences, stories, tools and ways of addressing recurring problems.

Help Solve Hard Questions!

At Pinpoint Ventures, we know that the development sector is a difficult one to work in.

Some of the world's hardest problems are in development - for example, how does one change human behaviour long-term? How does one reduce poverty and yet encourage entrepreunership? What kinds of educational inteventions work for children in conflict-prone areas? We think these kinds of problems are too large and complex to be solved alone.

Which is why we created Hard Questions - a Community of Practice (CoP) with seasoned experts in international development and other practioners just like you. Hard Questions is free to join and use.

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Why Join a CoP?

Access to Events and Resources

All members receive access to our weekly funding, research methods, terminology and framework tipsheets.

Members also receive complimentary access to our printables and live-access webinars.

Members of HQ receive an always available 10% discount on all or any courses and subscription plans to Impact Mojo, the development studies learnin platform developed by PinPoint Ventures.



Find the Expertise You Need

HardQuestions can help you connect with experts you need -

* A nutritionist, a child development specialist, a content person, a qualitaitve researcher, a user-research expert or even an economist.

We can also provide first-level resources and help you with low-cost proposals to get your work done.

Whatever your needs are, sometimes, it is just an extra pair of eyes or a simple language editor for that grant proposal - we have the resouces to help.


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